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Blase Whitting about to scale the rope wall.Dawson Odeguard zip liningDawson Odeguard waiting to be let downB-XO Sean Udofia helping his brother downCSM Alex Weber and BC Jake Whitting Wait to belay the next groupBC Jake Whitting taking a breakReece Turner takes a leap of faithJames Peterson climbing Jacobs latterCasey Darroll jumps for the poleKari Wilson balances across the obstacleEaston Ryser leaps for the poleDaniel Wei almost thereMason Clanton grabs the poleEthan Pizzi reaching new heightsBC Jake Whitting doing a few pull ups before coming downKari Wilson reaches for the skyJacob Gengler walks across the obstacle like its nothingTyler Adams poses for the cameraWilliam Johnson leaps to the other sideWilliam Johnson carefully balances across the obstacle

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