SJMS Photography | Visit to Ft. Riley August 20, 2015
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Cadets tour the helicopter hangers on base, get a chance to sit in the equipment, be briefed by pilots, have lunch in the mess hall and visit the uniform store!
Dawson Odegard in the pilot seat.Oluwatimi Osunkoya looks  over the equipment.Jiaji Liu keeps watch over the corps.William Johnson shouts orders to the medic, James Ushman.Alexander Weber gets a feel for the wing.Oluwatimi Osunkoya and Bryan Udofia examine the rudder.Alec Masso, battalion S5, checks his last photo.Miles Pappas at the controls.Alexander Weber checks out a photo.David Gross mugs for the camera.John Yoder looks perplexed.Osahon Mike-Irabar grabs the lead line.Daniel Wei surveys the equipment.Cadets lay in the medic helicopter.The 128th listen to the pilot's briefing.Sean Udofia gives the headgear a try.Robert Hinze looks over the attack bird.Jusitn Gilbert and Mason Clanton give a 'thumbs up.'Marshall Otter exits the bird.Sean Udofia in the chow line.

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